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An Innovative French Animation Studio in the Heart of Paris

Straddling the line between a technological studio and a creative workshop, Dada! Animation is a French animation studio known for its ability to produce original works while offering innovative services in 2D/3D animation and virtual reality (VR). Founded in 2019 and located in Paris, the studio is the result of a collaboration among multidisciplinary professionals with diverse experiences in animation, video games, and special effects.

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Dada! Animation, a Cutting-Edge French Animation Studio

Based in Paris, the French studio offers expertise in 2D/3D animation and immersive VR/AR content and produces its own animated productions for all public. Dada! Animation thus works for prestigious clients like DISNEY CHANNEL, ARTE, LA SNCF, CANAL+, LIDL, TF1 and more.

Thanks to its unique vision and avant-garde approach, Dada! Animation positions itself as an innovative and flexible animation studio in France and internationally.

Screenshot of the French animated documentary They Were Millions

As a specialist in engaging and innovative narratives, Dada! Animation creates original works and offers unique and creative immersive experiences for all audiences. The French animation studio was born in 2019 from the vision of specialists in animation, video gaming, and VFX.

With its rapid development, Dada! Animation offers a unique approach that blends artistic creativity with cutting-edge technology at the intersection of real-time animation, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.

Four Pillars of Expertise and Innovation

The French animation studio offers four pillars of expertise in the fields of 2D/3D animation and Virtual Reality.

Storytelling and Creative Design

Telling captivating stories for all audiences with artistic originality.

2D/3D Animation

Creating unique content in realistic, semi-realistic, or non-realistic animation combining agility and creative quality.

Interactivity and Immersion

Plonger le public dans des expériences VR/AR immersives.

Creative and Technological Consulting

Applying the latest innovations to the creativity of projects.

Our Latest Projects

A Multi-Sectoral Offering

Dada! Animation‘s expertise intersects with various sectors including:

  • TV series, animated documentaries, movies
  • Digital content
  • Educational and Cultural modules
  • Communication, Advertising, Corporate videos
  • Interactive and Immersive Events in Animation/VR/AR

At the forefront of new technologies from Real-Time Animation, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence applied in animation, Dada! Animation pushes the boundaries of animation and user experience, enabling productivity gains and great flexibility.

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    Picture of the team of the French animation studio Dada! Animation

    Our French Animation Studio: an Experienced Team with Multidisciplinary Skills

    The studio’s team is rooted in a culture of innovation and creativity, reflecting the vision of its founders.

    With over 20 years of experience in animation on numerous successful productions in France and internationally, the founders of Dada! Animation have dedicated their skills to artistic and technical excellence within the Parisian studio.

    At Dada! Animation, each team member contributes their unique perspective, thus enriching the creative and technical process. This synergy is reflected in a dynamic and inclusive work environment within the team.

    The Digital Lab, an R&D Hub Serving the Studio's Projects

    The Digital Lab is a central pillar of the studio, where close collaboration among editorial, technical, and artistic teams leads to optimal technological solutions tailored to each project’s needs.

    Dada! Animation is an active collaborator with recognized French research centers such as l’IRISA/INRIA or LinX at Polytechnique. Constant R&D enables it to explore the latest advances in 3D Animation, VR, and Artificial Intelligence.

    Furthermore, Dada! Animation commits to the real-time animation and virtual production community, particularly through open-source collaborations, reinforcing its role as an innovative French animation studio. This dynamic reflects the studio’s desire to combine cutting-edge technology and creativity to offer attractive and immersive content.