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Disney Channel France launches the broadcast of the animated series Captain Tone-up from March 4, 2023.

To support the Arcom’s dietary charter, Disney Channel France is participating with Dada! Animation in the creation of a 3D animated series for children aged 6 to 10, called Captain Tone-up, which encourages children to eat well, be active, and get enough sleep. In each of her adventures, Captain Stella Tone-up provides a solution to a question presented by a youngster. She then explains the specific behaviour scientifically and engagingly while sharing the steps one can take to remedy that impact. 

Produced in real-time animation with Unity, Captain Tone-up is currently being produced in Dada! Animation’s Parisian studio. The end of production of the 12 episodes of the series is scheduled for mid-April 2023.

Graphic author: Nathanaël Ferdinand

Literary author and writing direction: Sophie Decroisette

Director: Jérôme Mouscadet

Distribution: Autour de Minuit