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Dada! Animation at Sunny Side of the Doc 2024

Dada! Animation will be present throughout the Sunny Side of the Doc festival in La…
12 June 2024

Meet us at Mifa from June 11 to 14, 2024! 

We are thrilled to announce that the Dada! Team will be attending MIFA from June…
4 June 2024
Extrait animé sur la sérendipité du documentaire Remède de chameau

Broadcast of the Animated Documentary “A Camel Remedy” on Arte 

Produced by SEPPIA and ARTE France, "A Camel Remedy: The Nanobody Revolution" is a 52-minute…
29 January 2024
Expérience Immersive - Antoine Dupont et Pif

Pif Featured with Antoine Dupont in an Interactive Hub for the Rugby World Cup

Pif and Hercule were highlighted alongside Antoine Dupont during the Rugby World Cup in an…
2 October 2023
Extrait animé d'un camp de migrants dans le documentaire animé Ils étaient des millions

Unveiling the Great European Migration Through Visually Rich Animation, Gripping Storytelling, and Meticulous Attention to Historical Accuracy

DADA! Animation provides SEPPIA with the latest AI technology to tell the story of 56…
13 June 2023
Affiche des 5 projets d'animation présentés par le studio au Mifa 2023

Meet the Dada! Team at Mifa 2023!

The Dada! Team is thrilled to announce its participation at the Annecy International Animation Film…
5 June 2023
Affiche officielle avec Alizée de la série d'animation en développement Trimaros

Mangouste Anim Brings World-First Animated Sailing Adventure to Annecy

DADA! Animation will serve as the animation studio for the teaser and visual development of…
5 June 2023
Affiche de la conférence autour des IA génératives en animation du Forum des images

Conference of Dada! Animation at the NewImages Festival on generative AIs in animation and VFX

On the occasion of the 6th edition of the NewImages Festival, the Parisian fair which…
3 April 2023
Extrait du documentaire animé Remède de Chameau

Start of the production of Remède de Chameau’s documentary for Arte

Produced by Seppia Interactive for Arte, Remède de Chameau is a 52-minute hybrid documentary combining…
15 March 2023
Visuel officiel de Capitaine Tonus avec les personnages principaux dans le Positron

Launching of Captain Tone-up on Disney Channel France

Disney Channel France launches the broadcast of the animated series Captain Tone-up from March 4,…
1 March 2023
Test de l'outil

The European project Invictus aimed at delivering innovative authoring tools for the creation of HD avatars has just finished!

A few months ago, Dada! Animation has initiated a collaboration with IRISA/INRIA on the European…
21 February 2023
Affiche officielle de Mekka Nikki

Dada! Animation to Showcase Four Compelling Animated Projects at Cartoon Forum 2022

Dada! Animation, an innovative studio based in Paris that specialises in real-time animation, will exhibit…
1 September 2022

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