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DADA! Animation will serve as the animation studio for the teaser and visual development of the epic oceanic adventure ‘Trimaros’, created and executive produced by Mangouste Anim.

[Paris, France]: DADA! Animation has been appointed by Mangouste Anim to assist in the graphical look and feel of the first-ever animated series about the magic of sailing – which will showcase at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and Market this June. Trimaros aims to introduce children to the world of sailing and raise awareness about the importance of protecting our precious oceans.

With the support of the Beneteau Foundation, Trimaros was created by Mangouste Anim with the intention of inspiring children aged 6-10 with the magic and adventure of seafaring, making the pastime more accessible and offering them the chance to explore heroic adventures across five oceans and iconic bays around the world. DADA! Animation has been commissioned as the service studio to accompany Mangouste Anim in developing the Trimaros look and feel and to oversee the entire fabrication of the teaser from asset modelling to final rendering, which is underway in 3D real-time under the creative direction of Jean-Luc François (The Mysterious Cities of Gold).

Caroline Cornot, Trimaros creator and Mangouste Anim CEO says the series offers children a whole new world of adventure with an eye-opening introduction to the maritime world. “Races and regattas are full of adventures and breath-taking escapades for girls and boys, and we want to bring this concept to life through vivid animation and powerful storytelling exploiting the tremendous potential of young skippers sailing all over the world in futuristic convertible boats.”

Trimaros gathers all the ingredients from the rich world of sailing to entertain and inspire, including relatable heroes at the helm of extraordinary boats that can be transformed into flying machines or submersibles to escape danger. The epic story mixes the competitive nature of sport with the discovery of a forgotten and mysterious world, Atlantis; the opportunity to explore fundamental values and positive feelings like friendship, respect, team spirit and humility; and the sheer beauty of the sea, inspiring a love for the ocean and a desire to protect the lifeblood of our planet – all mixed with humour!

“We are very proud to be working on this innovative project as the service studio and are grateful to Mangouste Anim for trusting us to bring their vision to life,” says Jérôme Mouscadet, co-founder at DADA! Animation.

For more information on Trimaros, visit the Mangouste Anim MIFA stand (F12) from 13-16 June.

DADA! Animation will also be represented at the Real-Time & AI: A Game Changer for the Animation Industry MIFA Conference, where Quentin Auger, co-founder and head of innovation at DADA! Animation, alongside renowned industry professionals, will share his expertise and outlook on real-time and generative AI advancement in the animation film industry.