Produced by Mangouste Animation, in partnership with the Beneteau Foundation, Trimaros is an animated series for 6–10-year-olds focusing on the world of sailing and nautical competitions.

Dada! Animation has brought its expertise to the fold in assisting with the literary and graphical design of the project as well as creation of the presentation including a full teaser for the series.

Alizée Keravel
is one of the best skippers in the world. On board the Trimaros, her futuristic, convertible boat, the young woman has entered the Wind Ocean Race, the biggest sailboat race in history. Alizée’s goal? Win the race, thereby saving her family and her boat: the Trimaros. The challenges she will face are thrilling, dangeris omnipresent and her rivals are tough, both on the surface…and underwater.

Mangouste Animation
26 x 26’
6-10 years old
3D Animation
Development of the series, creation and production of a teaser for the series
In development