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Dada! Animation is launching its first humorous animated web-series for adults, Spot-on questions, whose the 52 episodes will be launched from June 22, 2021 on Youtube, with one episode broadcast every 2 weeks.

LQQFM is a comedy series aimed at executives, employees, unemployed persons, seniors and intermediate intellectual professions, workers, farmers, those who work behind a computer or on their phone, from home or in an open space. That is to say 76.6% of the working population.

In 2-minute episodes, Charlie Winner, the former naive office worker turned independent coach, offers advices on the gray areas of the open space in order to allow people to stay as they are at work. An essential series to know “How much to give to a farewell party?” or if “You should sign your emails with “best regards” or “kind regards”?”.

The web-series is developped with the talented Charles de Saint Remy and Alexandre des Isnards, founders of the storytelling studio Winner Inc. and authors of the show Lost in Open Space.