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Dada! Animation proudly announces a new collaboration with the production company SEPPIA around two new projects.

“Handi Reality”, a VR experience on the inclusion of people with disabilities in companies
Dada! Animation will create interactive animations to help improve the user experience of Handi Reality, a VR E-Learning experience produced by KAJUCI and SEPPIA INTERACTIVE. It will allow participants to put themselves in the place of a person with a physical or a mental disability by simulating these handicaps and offering existing compensation tools.
A great immersive learning tool for an important cause!

“Ils étaient des millions”, an hybrid project, mixing documentary and animation
Ils étaient des millions is an hybrid project on the West europeans in the 18th and 19th century who emigrated in differents parts of the world. The 3×52 mini series is produced by SEPPIA in co-development with ARTE and written by Catherine Ulmer-Lopez & Bruno Ulmer.
Dada! Animation is working on prototyping the various animation sequences for this documentary-series. The goal of this R&D is to find the visual grammar of these sequences as well as validating and budgeting further artistic and technical choices.