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A few months ago, Dada! Animation has initiated a collaboration with IRISA/INRIA on the European project Invictus, in order to bring its expertise in 3D animation to test in real situations and work on keyframe VR animation tools developed on Unity.

Initiated within the framework of Horizon 2020 (the European funding program for research and innovation), the Invictus project has mobilized the participation of 4 French and European research laboratories and has enabled the development of new innovative tools for the creation and integration of high-fidelity avatars in audiovisual projects, movies… as well as VR and interactive content.

Dada! Animation has participated in the development of these tools, often in open-source, including VRtist and UCD/Urig, which offer new perspectives for the creation of 3D universes and characters.

VRtist is now available for free and offers to artists the opportunity to immerse themselves into 3D virtual world, allowing them a better understanding and mastering of the 3D scene. The software is running within Unity and can be linked to Blender.

VRtist is available for free download here:

Discover the making of for more details on the project.